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Mold Removal & Inspection in Waynesville, North Carolina

Eliminate signs of mold from your home with the mold inspection and removal services provided by Southeastern Environmental Group, Inc. in Waynesville, North Carolina. Our environmental contracting firm inspects and tests signs of mold growth by identifying mold spores and analyzing the air sampling. We then submit reports to assess any moisture issues, while developing a strategy to eliminate the mold from your location. 

About Mold

Mold is found naturally in the air, and most forms of mold are poisonous to breathe. Individuals with asthma and compromised immune systems such as older, younger, or sick individuals are more susceptible to being affected by mold.

The Dangers of Mold

When you combine mold with moisture or a water source, it could result in the reproduction of mold spores on organic surfaces like paper, Sheetrock™, wood, insulation, or carpet. The different types of mold that can grow in these conditions can lead to significant health issues depending on the type and quantity of the mold.

Room with Mold, Waynesville in Hazelwood, NC

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